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Tony was a 2000 First Team All-Ohio Quarterback

Tony was a 2000 First Team All-Ohio Quarterback

Week 7
Tony Borghese


Where are living now?

Did you play collegiately?
Basketball at Otterbein College

Married?  Children?
Married to Amy Dison since June 21st 2008. We have 2 kids. Kaylee (4 1/2 years old) and Zack (3).

What are you doing now?
I work for a Sarnova. I am in Medical Sales. 

What is the fondest memory from your playing career at DeSales?
My fondest memory believe it or not was a Saturday morning run and lifting session. We won the night before over Whitehall on Senior Night. We were up 35-0 in the 2nd quarter and Coach Jacoby took out all of the seniors. They came all the way back and in the 4th quarter we were winning 35-26. He refused to put us back in and we still won. The next morning like we always did we had 100 yd dashes to run and lift, usually 12 100's. Well Coach looked at me after the 12th one and said' I will let you know when we are done." I looked an Nic and said get ready. This is going to be a long day and it was. We ran 50 100 yard dashes that morning. That was my fondest memory. 

What was your best game?
I have two.  Junior year we played at Ironton. We won and I had 305 yards passing and 3 touchdowns and 115 yards rushing. 

Senior year would have to be Watterson. We won and I had 189 yards rushing and two 80-yard touchdown runs and a touchdown pass. 

What made playing for DeSales special?
The friendships and brothers that I made then, I am still brothers and best friends with now. They were in my wedding. I was in their's. The long practices, two-a-days, hit-its, conditioning and all the hitting each other made us stronger and closer. I loved everything about playing football at Desales. Coach Jacoby will get a kick out of this, I loved the lifting portion of football. Coach D'Orazio loved that comment too. 

Do you still follow the Stallions, and if so, how closely?
Yes I do. I read Pouring Purple and the website. I watch the news. I try to make it to the homecoming game every year.