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Bill Schwartz

Bill Schwartz

Week 10


Where are living now?
Building a house in Johnstown

Did you play collegiately?
Capital University

What are you doing now?
Working as a process engineer for Hardy Process Solutions.

Married?  Children?
Engaged to Terisa Sites (DHS alum 1982). Daughter graduated from DHS in 2008 and she just got married July 7.

What is the fondest memory from your playing career at DeSales?
The gatherings at Coach Guido's house to watch 8mm film between 2 a days and after games that were close to home. Guido and JoAnne would always have a spread available for anywhere from 10-30 people every day- I still do not know how they did it all the time.

What made playing for DeSales so special?
Easy answer - the people. The players and coaches were what made the tradition great, you wanted to be a part of a greater group that could overcome anything.

What was it like playing for Coach Pusateri?
Coach Pu (Tony Pusatari) was a great motivator, Coach would call the house on Sunday night (pre cell phone) and discuss what he had seen on film for the upcoming next game. At the time it was surprising but I realized that he was just giving me a head start on what the game plan was going to be for the following week.

What was your best game?
Homecoming 1982, Bedford Chanel we won in the last 2 minutes of the game. Mike Maloney caught a Pro Left 500 throwback pass for 67 yards to win the game. Pat Rossetti (former Principal) left the game and told the gathering back at DHS we lost. All of our games were played off site back then, this game was at Northland High School.

Do you still follow DeSales, if yes, how closely?
I would love to say I make it to every game but that is not possible, but when I cannot make it I am ALWAYS tuning in to Pouring Purple for play by play. My parents always call me on Friday nights when they cannot make it to the games themselves to find the outcome and details, and my brother (Joe Schwartz 1988) calls every Saturday morning for details as well.