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Andy Wills  Class of 2002

Andy Wills
Class of 2002

Week 6


Where are living now?
Westerville, OH

Did you play collegiately?
University of Akron

What are you doing now?
Manager for DHL Supply Chain headquartered in Westerville

Are you married?  Kids?
Just married on April 1st 2017 to the beautiful Courtney who is originally from Canal Fulton, OH.

What is the fondest memory from your playing career at DeSales?
2001 first round of the playoffs @ Steubenville. We were the #8 seed (we went 5-5 in the regular season), they were the #1 seed.  We went on to dominate the game 38-8.

Best part was my cousin future Big Red, Cincinnati and current CFL star Zach Collaros was in the stands and rooting for DeSales. Big Red fans will probably deny that! 

What was your best game?
2001 State Semifinal vs Alter.   Matched against Nick Mangold on both sides of the ball.  I had a very good game and went on to win against a very good opponent.

What made playing for DeSales special?
The commitment that is needed to play for the organization.  When you go to college and play with people from other schools you learn the expectations for other programs isn't even close to what DeSales is all about.   Many schools have lofty expectations but few require you to commit and buy-in like DeSales does. 

Do you still follow DeSales, if yes, how closely?
I make a point to check scores weekly and make my way to at least one or two games a year.

#63 Andy Wills   University of Akron 

#63 Andy Wills
University of Akron