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Coach Sharock presented the Central of Ohio Linemen trophy of the year 

Coach Sharock presented the Central of Ohio Linemen trophy of the year 

Week 8
Carl Linke


Where are living now?
Lady's Fingers, SC

Did you play collegiately?
U.S. Army

Married?  Children?
Married:  Penny Seaman Sept 1975
Son:  Jay Linke  (now in Chapel Hill, NC)
Daughter:  Carrie Linke-Jackson (now in Charlotte, NC)

What are you doing now?
Retired for the most part.  Currently over-watching the construction of our new house.  In my spare time I am working on a third novel, untitled yet. Projected publishing release date in 2016.

What is the fondest memory from your playing career at DeSales?
Winning! What a fond memory. Our freshman team, first freshman team ever for DeSales, in the fall of 1962 went undefeated AND un-scored upon for the season. Later winning as CCL champions.

Playing was always exciting. The opportunity to suit-up and go out on the field, even for practice. It was a great release after days in the classroom. (There was nothing like a good tackle to make one's day!)

From a different angle, fondest memory...rallies and the crowds of students to send us off for games and to welcome outside the locker room after the games. DeSales had pride and spirit! It was ALL part of football for me.

What was your best game?
ou know, back then and now,  I never gave much thought to what was my best game. We had some great ones as a team. We played in the pouring rain, freezing cold, the heat of the late summer. Linebackers and centers do not get much recognition or press, least not then; really didn't expect any. I have memories of the Watterson game my senior year, haunting. A couple plays more haunting than others. Some great hits and a missed opportunity or two.

What made playing for DeSales special?
We had a terrific coach who "coached" and helped all of us grow as young guys. In the '60s, DeSales was brand new. Coach Sharrock helped us build the foundation of a football legacy. Great guys. Good teamwork. Tough teams.

We had good players who played because they wanted to play. We had talented guys like Mike DeAscentis and Ken Schneider ('65) at QB and Tom Rock, Mike Metzger and Steve Greene in the backfield. Hiles, Tuttle, Gruff, O'Brien, Large, Gaus, Van de Walle over on defense.

Honestly, the All-State recognition was far ALL those guys, but they put my name on it.

Do you still follow DeSales, if yes, how closely?
Sad to say, I have never lived in Columbus since I graduated. I have lived all over and only recently, with the help of PouringPurple, had a chance to listen in to DeSales sports. I tune in online as often as I can during the season, but aside from that, I don't get to hear or see how the Stallions are doing.