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Week 2
Josh Kusan

Running Back/

Where are living now?
Colorado Springs, CO

Did you play collegiately?
Air Force

What are you doing now?
Captain in the Air Force working as a satellite engineer

What is the fondest memory from your playing career at DeSales?
Beating Watterson twice during my senior year.  Moving on to the State Semifinal game after beating Louisville. 

What was your best game?
I'd have to say against Louisville in the regional final game my senior year. I remember running all over their defense, probably the best game we played as a team the whole year. 

What made playing for DeSales special?
The tradition, we were expected to win and we did.  It was special to win as many games as we did in those 4 years. The bonds made with the coaches and teammates was a big thing too. I'm still close with many of my old teammates.  

Do you still follow DeSales, if yes, how closely?
Yes, I follow pouring purple online/Facebook. I'll finally be able to catch some games this fall after getting stationed in Ohio.